Our Business

Our Business

We contribute widely to society and the global environment by providing our customers with three environmental solutions: "water treatment business," "greening business," and "environmental development business."


Water treatment Business

Water treatment Business

We will provide society with the technology, equipment, materials, and know-how to purify dirty water and protect the water environment.
That way, we will contribute to the life and industrial development of the local community.
Along with the integrated engineering (design, construction, and aftercare) of wastewater purification systems using the Complex Lagoon System®, we sell related equipment and systems, and research and develop technologies.


The Complex Lagoon System ® used in hog farms all over Japan

The Complex Lagoon System ® is mainly used for sewage treatment related to livestock such as hog farms, poultry farms and national livestock testing stations, and is also active in wastewater treatment at various food processing plants such as noodle, pickles and mayonnaise.
Above all, we have received high trust and evaluation as a top plant manufacturer in the treatment of pig wastewater, which has a high pollution load and requires a high level of treatment capacity.
Counting from the first one introduced in 1982, now we have exceeded 300 units nationwide.


Greening business

The business to protect the future of Greenery

Consideration for the future environment is a major responsibility for companies.
The maintenance and management of green spaces is the work of protecting the global environment and nurturing greenery.
Properly cared greens grow into attractive spaces, contributing to the added value of green spaces and the value of our customers' assets.


The business to succeed greenery for hundred years

We will propose a long-term maintenance and management plan to keep the ideal greenery for our customers.
We manage more than 450 greeneries annually, including condominiums, buildings, factories, and schools, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kansai area.


Environmental development business

Eco-friendly products such as natural
inorganic flocculant "Kiyomaru-kun"

We handle HALVO products such as "Kiyomaru-kun", an inorganic flocculant using Shirasu (Volcanic Ash) from Southern Kyushu, Japan.
We can propose wastewater treatment equipment for "Kiyomaru-kun". We are manufacturing and developing with our original technology.

  • HALVO products

    Inorganic flocculant"Kiyomaru-kun"
    Flocculant for drinking water H-O-H
    Wax stripping waste liquid solidifying Flocculant “Atto-Yuma”
    Super Silt-lock

  • Muddy water treatment machine

    We propose a turbid water treatment machine with a powder supply device for Kiyomaru-kun. We make the best proposal for each situation.



Consider the environment with natural materials

  • Inorganic Flocculant Kiyomaru-kun series

    Civil engineering sites (heavy metal-containing wastewater, cement wastewater, asbestos wastewater), painting booths, poultry processing factories, ceramic wastewater, water-soluble cutting oil, barrel polishing wastewater, silicon wastewater, fluorescent flaw detection wastewater, vinegar biemulsion wastewater

  • H-O-H

    Small-scale water purification project in Vietnam led by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), novelty for disasters at non-life insurance companies

  • Atto-Yuma

    Wax peeling cleaning wastewater, air conditioning equipment cleaning wastewater, asbestos wastewater

  • Super Silt-Lock