Greening business


Connecting human and greenery

We are developing greening businesses in a wide range of fields such as parks, condominiums, commercial buildings, distribution centers, and schools.
We propose the ideal green based on our abundant knowledge, technology, and years of experience regarding greens.

Pass the greenery to the future

Our company provides "Green Care Service", a planting maintenance and management service by greenery experts.
Our greenery experts will make a comprehensive assessment of the existing condition of your greens and propose new management measures to help you achieve better greens by harnessing the plants natural power. Greens that are properly cared for on a daily basis will increase the value of your property.


    Green care service

    Our green space management allows plants to show their true potential from the point of view of plant physiology.
    Soil diagnosis, organic care, tree diagnosis and quality checks are carried out by experts. Through on-site surveys, patrols, care and suggestions for improvement, we nurture the greenery and create attractive spaces.

Life with greenery

Even in cities where there is little nature, we provide a rich time to come in contact with flowers and greenery in our daily lives.
We deliver flowers that bring relaxation and enrichment to your daily life.


    Green Lease Service

    We propose the installation of greenery in offices and apartments. Greenery can be installed for a variety of purposes, such as a stylishly designed office, a relaxing space, or a blindfold.


    Flower delivery service

    We sell fresh flowers like Phalaenopsis to businesses. We offer various types of flowers according to your budget, such as store opening or relocation.